About Nancy Burkhart and Earth Safe Finishes

Entrepreneur and co-founder of Earth Safe Finishes, Nancy Burkhart began her interest in developing a safe, “green” craft and interior product early in her career as an educator with environmental concerns. Her influences also included her grandfather, who developed and manufactured the first blimp in the western states.

With both undergraduate and masters degrees in education from University of California-Los Angeles and California State University-Los Angeles, Burkhart’s creative mind led to her work as the owner of three arts and crafts product manufacturing companies. All three companies developed and manufactured paints, and varnishes for the craft industry. Despite each company’s success, Burkhart wasn't’ satisfied with the product lines.

As an educator, Burkhart understood the value of experience as a teaching mechanism for a cleaner environment. The products she developed were increasingly safer as she worked to create paints and varnishes that contained fewer and fewer toxins.

Yet, she found herself frustrated that none were completely toxin-free.

Burkhart and Arellano then set about creating Earth Safe Finishes, a completely VOC-free (volatile organic compound) line of paints and varnishes.

The company, and its products, were established by Nancy and her daughter, Jessica Arellano, a College of Natural Resources graduate of University of California Berkeley. Arellano helped develop Earth Safe Finishes products through her expertise in non-toxic technology and her dedication to the health of the planet.
Earth Safe Finishes is now dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of high-quality VOC free
products. Made in the U.S., Earth Safe Finishes adheres to high-quality standard, ethical environmental practices
and unique brand positioning of their VOC products.

Burkhart and Arellano also established The Green Musketeers, an art and community organization devoted to the environmental education of elementary children.

Burkhart, mother of three and grandmother of four, is an avid animal lover whose home includes horses, dogs, cats and goats.  

Arellano is the mother of 3 young girls and wants to teach them that there is a need for conservation and awareness in every thing we do.

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