There are many questions you may have on our “green” products. Although we do not have all the answers you may seek on this website, you may contact us at any time for more details and specifics on any of our products. We will answer any questions or inquiries about our products to the best of our ability.
There are a lot of paint products out there that say they are non-toxic, how are they different from yours?
Our products have no or low VOC’s and NO toxins. The following ingredients are currently not regulated in products made in the United States and those imported into the United States. We do not include any of these ingredients in our products, insuring you they are the safest products on the market today: Formaldehyde, ammonia, acetone, odor masking agents, lead, arsenic, cadmium, heavy metals, methyl acetate, chemical residuals and phallates.

Are non-toxic and No VOC's the same?
No. You can have a product that is non-toxic but still contain a harmful amount of VOC’s. Most testing companies do not test for VOC’s when testing for toxicity. You can ask any manufacturer to provide a MSDS (Material Safety & Data Sheet) for VOC information. All of our products are no or low VOC’s. There are standards for which you can call a product low VOC’s and our low VOC products are under that by a significant amount. Some of our low VOC products contain such a low amount of VOC’s they could technically be called No VOC, but we like to keep it honest.

I have chemical sensitivities. Can I use your products?
Yes! Our products have been designed for those with chemical and environmental sensitivities in mind. Although all cases are different, our products contain no VOC’s, toxins or irritants. We can supply you with MSDS’s and VOC information and in extreme cases you can consult with your physician.

I am fearful of products made in China. Are any of your products made in China?
No! All of our products are made in the USA. Our Hand/Brush Cleaner is made in North America. We believe the only way to ensure the highest quality and safety of our products is to make them in the USA under our direct supervision. We also believe it is important to provide jobs and security to our country and its citizens. Making our products in the USA ensures there is less transportation involved in manufacturing thus reducing energy use and carbon emissions.

Why use ESF products?
We are dedicated to providing our customers the highest quality in all aspects of Earth Safe Finishes. From product quality and safety to customer service, we strive for excellence. We are committed to finding the highest quality and most sustainable ways to do business.

How do your products differ from other "safe" products on the market today?
Earth Safe Finishes has spent years developing the safest line of finishes and coatings. Our products are exactly what they say they are. We do not use any masking agents, any toxins or any harmful chemicals. Our products are high quality and safe and we are proud of it.

Are there harmful emissions released after a regular paint has dried?
Absolutely.  Just because a regular paint has dried, the harmful VOCs and other emissions are continuously released up to months after the paint has dried. Don’t think that just because the smell is gone, the harmful emissions are gone.

If I am painting layers, how can I protect work that has already been dried and cured without varnishing?
Simply apply a coat of Sealer to each layer as you complete it. This will make it easy to remove only the top layer if needed while protecting all the previous layers.

Can I use your "Zero VOC" paint on furniture?
Absolutely. It’s a great and safe way to paint any furniture in your house to ensure the safety of your family. It is durable and provides a great finish.

Do you have a varnish or topcoat with no VOCs?
Yes, we now offer a great No VOC Varnish to protect all you work and projects.

Can I get semi gloss or gloss Baby Safe Paint?
Unfortunately, no. There is no product on the market today that allows us to make a Zero VOC, Low Odor Paint in a semi gloss or gloss finish. Once a product is available, we will test it and immediately offer it in our paint line. As of now we only can offer our safe paint in a matte or flat finish.

I have a color card from another company and I love the color, can you duplicate it?
If you order at least 5 gallons from us we can attempt to duplicate the color. In most cases we will be able to, but because we are limited to only Zero VOC colorants we may run into a problem. Contact us for more information.

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