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Chalk It Up is not like the usual acrylic or latex paint. This paint is pure acrylic and the newest highest technology ingredients are used to make it easy to apply.  It has a look of its own. A soft velvety smooth flat look with unbelievable adhesion qualities makes this the perfect basecoat, gesso, primer and/ or acrylic paint. No need to sand or prime before painting.  Adheres to any surface with one coat coverage in most cases.  This VOC free paint make it so easy to redo, recycle, upcycle anything making the new look old or give the old a new life.  Best product on the market.

Chalk It Up Darker Colors

  • Chalk It Up is thick and easy to apply. No worries about drips. Modern technology has made this look easy to achieve. It is full of natural pigments, making one coat coverage easy to achieve and these pigments also give an incredible high degree of durability. This flat paint leaves a very matte finish when dry and yet can be buffed or rubbed out to give a satin like sheen.

    ESF’s no VOC waterbased Wax can be applied to the surface for protection and also for antiquing or distressing. Just add a little Pigment to the wax or varnish. Earth Safe Finishes offers this unique paint in 24 soft to bold colors. Chalk It Up works as a primer or gesso and as a paint and basecoat. Once it is cured it adheres to almost any surface, tile, terra cotta, wood, glass, Plexiglas, Formica countertops, linoleum, metal, tin, gourds and, when cured, will not peal or scratch off. Perfect for redoing or upcycling old furniture. Distress it, water it down Chalk It Up does it all. This high quality acrylic paint leaves a smooth silky flat unique coating when dry.

    Earth Safe Finishes Pigment may be added to the white so you can make thousands of colors on your own. No need to buy hundreds of different colors of paint. You can even mix colors to create your own unique blend of color. Glaze over this, stencil, decorative paint or just varnish and/or wax. It is flexible and doesn’t crack when dry. Roll, brush or sponge on.
    Chalk It Up gives consistent results. Give your surface a crispy clean or a shabby chic look. Water down for a ‘wash’ look. Finish with matte or gloss.

    Use on furniture, canvas, wood, glass, metal, plastic, tin, tile, ceramic, formica, countertops or plexiglas. Use on surfaces indoors or outside. No fading, no cracking.
    Safe and Easy To Use:

    • No VOC, No Heavy Metals
    • No Phalates, no Formaldehyde
    • Non Toxic, No Odor
    • 3rd Party Certification
    • Conforms to ASTM D6886
    • Made in the USA

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607 Nance St.

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