Crackle is a process of making a layer of paint that has been placed over another layer, crack, giving an aged look to new and old furniture, walls, or almost any surface. The crackle product is sandwiched in between the 2 layers, and, because of the chemical action of the layers, causes the top layer to separate and crack, revealing the underlying layer. It can be a very simple process and easy to do. Cracks can be made large or small, placed in certain sections or covering the entire surface.


  • Crackle can even make a clear varnish topcoat crack, which can be difficult or impossible with other crackles. This Crackle can also make the Earth Safe Finishes Texture crack, another difficult feat. Crackle
    can be used on any surface from paper to hard stones.

    Crackle should be protected with a varnish coat. Varnish with the highest quality to ensure consistency and longevity, Earth Safe Finishes Varnish or Earth Safe Finishes Polyurethane, Interior or Marine Varnish.

    Directions for Use:
    Brush or sponge Earth Safe Finishes Crackle over an already dry surface.
    Let Crackle dry. If heavy crackling is desired, apply a second coat and let dry. Brush or sponge topcoat of paint, varnish, glaze or wood texture on top of dried Crackle. It is necessary to work fast and not keep going over the surface. Repetitive brushing tends to pull off the underlying layers once the crackling process has begun. Let dry. If varnish has been applied as a top layer, you may take Earth Safe Finishes Protective Wax and mix it with a Pigment color and rub it into the cracks for an antiquing effect.

    Crackle Tips:

    • Vertical brushing gives vertical cracks
    • A sponge gives random cracks
    • A light amount of crackle gives a crackleur effect-very small cracks
    • A criss cross motion with a bristle brush gives small random cracks

    Can be used on:

    • Stenciling
    • Altered Art
    • Collage
    • Decoupage
    • Mixed Media
    • Gourd Art
    • Fabric
    • Decorative Painting
    • Quilting
    • Paint/Photo Extension on Canvas
    • Paper Arts
    • Stamping
    • Scrapbooking/Memory
    • Fine Arts
    • Furniture
    • Water based and Non toxic, contains no VOC’s
    • Cleans up with soap and water
    • Works well with any of Earth Safe Finishes other products
    • No Odor
    • Conforms to ASTM D6886

    Made in the USA