Product Description

Decoupage is the art of cutting out and adhering paper images to any surface creating intricate works of art. The simple cut and paste methods of the past are much more sophisticated today. With true decoupage work it is difficult to tell what is paper and what is actual painting. There has been a resurgence of interest in Decoupage throughout the world in the last few decades, with serious enthusiasts committed to producing work of a very high standard.


  • Objects are decorated with images, perhaps from the work of a particular era. The design is executed by cutting out the images, adding further images from varied resources, painting an appropriate background, gluing the images into place, and covering the object with a depth of varnish which allows the composition to glow through. Varnishing, sanding and polishing are generally recognized as the most labor intensive areas connected with this art form.

    Making the transition from a craft to a fine art is simply a matter of artistic placement of the decoupage materials and the building up of layers varnish. One of a kind expressions of art are easy to accomplish. Create with your own art, pictures or use existing prints or photographs. Making decoupaged images using digital imaging from the computer is a new exciting way of making beautiful and creative works of art.

    Earth Safe makes the process easy. The adhesive sealer creates a tight bond that dries quickly and is easy to use. It dries clear and smooth, leaving no brush marks.

    Use on: Canvas, Glass Plates, Wood, Paper, Metal, Tin, Glass, Plastic, Furniture, Lampshades, Bowls, Trays, Any Surface

    Directions for Use:
    Cover the front of the paper or fabric with Decoupage adhesive. Let dry. Cut or tear image and position it on surface of object. Brush Decoupage onto back of image and to surface of object. Lay paper down on object to be decoupaged. Gently push out extra Decoupage adhesive and bubbles using brush, fingers or brayer. Start from middle and push outward to edge. The lighter the paper, the easier it will tear. Let dry and continue adding images or paint to cover edges of paper. Our Gel Medium works well to hide paper edges.

    Water based and Non toxic, contains no VOC’s
    Cleans up with soap and water
    Works well with any of Earth Safe Finishes other products
    No Odor
    Conforms to ASTM D6886
    Made in the USA