Glaze is defined as a transparent medium applied to a surface to give a texture, color and depth to it. It is fun and exciting to use as you can create fabulous pieces of art by “layering” the glazes over each other.
This thick, workable glaze can be used on any surface. It adds texture to and keeps texture on the surface, even after drying.
The Gel Glaze can be used as a clear glaze over an existing basecoat or you may add paint or pigment to make your own color using Earth Safe Finishes Pigment. Great on vertical surfaces as it does not run or sag. Use with sponges, plastic bags, brushes, rags, paper, tissue paper, stencils, and kitchen utensils for different effects. Earth Safe Finishes Gel Glaze holds stamping imprints. If texture is not desired, simply soften with a soft cloth. Gel Glaze is very versatile and can be used for any form of art, craft or home décor to create beautiful rich effects.

Gel Glaze