Our revolutionary Marine Varnish crosses all the boundaries of what has ever been done. A long lasting, durable and non yellowing finish that is safe for both you and your environment. It has an Ultra Violet additive built into it so it can withstand all temperatures and varieties of weather.
Commonly called a Spar/Marine varnish, it has been formulated and tested to work in all elements of weather and in all degrees of heat.

Forget those days of using oils, toxins and cancer causing products only to get a few months out of your finishes. Now you can enjoy the long lasting finish of Earth Safe Finishes Marine Varnish. It will hold up against the toughest of conditions you encounter on the sea.
Earth Safe Finishes Marine Varnish can also be used on you art and home projects. It is durable enough to be used on boats and yet gentle enough to trust your works of art with.
Our Marine Varnish is available in:
Matte - No shine
Satin – Can be called semi-gloss
Gloss - High shine

Marine Varnish - Satin